Tempura Hakurei Turnips

Prep time: 20 min   |    Cook time: 30 min   |   Ready In: 50 min


  • 1 egg

  • 1 cup cold beer

  • 1/2 cup flour

  • salt & pepper, to taste

  • hakurei turnip (cut into bite-sized pieces)

  • vegetable oil

  • *Substitutions or combinations for turnips include: carrots, broccoli, summer squash, etc.

Mix together the egg, beer, flour and salt and pepper.

Meanwhile, heat vegetable oil in a heavy saucepan that is deep enough to submerge the turnips (or other veggies). Once the oil is hot, coat the turnips in batter and deep fry for 3-5 minutes, until they are golden brown.

Eat immediately!